When looking at floors materials for your bathrooms, you will recognize that you have many choices to choose from. One materials that you’ll require to consider is vinyl since it isn’t just attractive but also quite cost-effective. Vinyl plank floor coverings is a favorite floor option among homeowners because of the great value they have. It will come in several styles, designs, and colors that can match any bathroom décor. Vinyl fabric is also drinking water and stain resistant, quite versatile, and will be offering great durability, considering its cost.

Despite each one of these, vinyl plank floors has its disadvantages, for the reason that it could be just a little difficult to keep up and repair. This short article talks about five benefits and drawbacks of installing vinyl fabric plank floor coverings in your bathrooms.



Vinyl plank floor is quite cheap to buy and set up in your bathrooms. It really is even much cheaper than luxury vinyl fabric tile, but gives the similar exceptional look. If you’re searching for a cheap floors option for your bathrooms, then vinyl plank is the greatest material for the.

Easy to keep

With regards to cleaning and maintenance, vinyl fabric plank flooring is made with a very easy strategy to use about any of it. The information requires hardly any degree of maintenance, and you merely need to sweep or mop it frequently. This could keep it clean and well managed for a long period.

Water Resistant

Vinyl plank floor coverings has an amazing water level of resistance ability. You are able to shower comfortably and never have to worry about harmful the ground with water. A very important factor to notice, however, is that a lot of homeowners choose luxury vinyl fabric tiles as it pertains to water resistance capability.


In comparison to other floor materials on the market, vinyl fabric plank is quite smooth, warm, and comfortable on your ft. This is an essential floors choice for your bathrooms because the ground is always chilly and wet because of to normal water and moisture. Vinyl fabric plank floor coverings is a much better insulator than other materials, and it is thus convenient to stand on for a long period.

Great Option to Other Materials

Vinyl plank floor offers an excellent option to other floors materials such as tile, wooden, or even natural rock. The real reason for this is the fact that vinyl is water-resistant, comfortable, warm to your toes, and quite inexpensive. These characteristics make it an excellent flooring materials for your bathrooms.


Despite its advantages, vinyl fabric plank flooring also offers its own negatives. Listed below are five drawbacks of installing vinyl fabric plan floor coverings in your bathrooms.

Difficult to eliminate

The first major problem of vinyl plank floor is that it’s quite difficult to eliminate. If you decide to glue it down, your contractors will employ a hard time eliminating it. This is quite overwhelming, particularly when you are setting up vinyl plank floors in your bathrooms for a short-term purpose. In order to avoid any issue, consider advising your contractor never to use glue.

Simple to Puncture

Although vinyl fabric plank floor coverings is quite durable, it is quite gentle than other materials like tile, hard wood, and laminate. This information can simply be punctured using razor-sharp materials just like a knife. A task like sliding a metallic chair on to the floor can also harm the vinyl fabric. Furthermore, if you have heavy items together with your vinyl fabric plank, it can show indicators of denting.

A nondurable Top Coat

Vinyl plank floor includes a top coat that’s not very durable. It isn’t UV tolerant and can begin showing indications of staining and fading over a brief period. If you decide to put vinyl fabric in a heavily sunlit room, you should think about finding ways to limit the quantity of light, as this can help reduce harm to your vinyl fabric plank flooring.


Vinyl plank floors is non-biodegradable, which means it can’t be recycled. It could thus affect the surroundings in a poor way. This isn’t very good news for those environmentally conscious individuals out there.

Little to No Influence on Your Home’s Value

Vinyl plank floor coverings is quite inexpensive to install. This may save you big money, but this addition does not have any effect on the worthiness of your house. Therefore, if you’ve planned to market your home anytime soon, you might like to use another materials like tile on your bathrooms floors.

Vinyl plank floor gives the cheap way to breathe new lease of life into your bathrooms. It appears beautiful, and intensely durable. In addition, it comes in several colors and habits, and also you cannot absence something to suit your preference. Not surprisingly, vinyl plank floors has its disadvantages that you should think about evaluating before making a decision to choose this information.