I get a lot of issues about our Karndean vinyl plank ground and after having it for exactly a year, I believed I’d give an upgrade to address these questions. Effectively, you can find actually two major issues “Would you however love your vinyl boards?” and “So how exactly does the color examine to different mild shaded wood vinyl plank floor choices?”

The initial issue is quite simple to solution!

Do You Still Love The Vinyl Plank Ground?

A big fat yes. I don’t have just one complaint. The conclusion!

How Does The Texas White Ash Color Assess To Other Gentle Shaded Timber Vinyl Plank Choices?

That next issue is a little tougher to answer. I have been wanting a blog post where I could primary someone with a question like this but I did not have such a thing to examine my ground shade to. Therefore I obtained some products in different mild shades to show you the mild wood shade types in different illumination situations. In my own house, my ground looks so various during differing times of the day. I know a few of you’ve pointed out that as well.

I knew that I needed to truly have a ground that does not have many orange undertones without having to be a cold gray. I however wanted a hot wood tone which I think I nailed.

However many of you may are interested to be light or less grainy or maybe more grainy or or or… Therefore I’ll try to describe with some photos the easiest way I could what other available choices Karndean has. It’s so hard to tell sometimes.

Living Space View Away From Gentle

Before I begin with the step-by-step comparison, I needed to tell you that these aren’t all Korlok, they are a number of several types of vinyl boards from free lay to stuff down.

In the below view you will see that both first products are definitely light than our Karndean Texas White Ash that we have. One other two products in the rear are definitely richer and search more like our floor.

Here is a cellphone picture in still another richer illumination condition to show you how various illumination circumstances modify the appearance. I always get requested why in certain photos within my Instagram account a floor looks so mild and then different situations it seems darker. Associated with that it has plenty of tone variations and happens to be a little a chameleon. I love that about our floor.

The Karndean Gem Oak is unquestionably more rustic, so if you want to get a rustic feel then that could be a great choice for you. I did not.

Ivory Covered Oak is undeniably the lightest ground out of all of them and does not have plenty of feed structure either. Yet another mild variation that I love is the Grey Scandi Maple but did not have a sample for it.

I think Glacier Oak is very similar to the Texas White Ash.

Living Space View Towards The Gentle

I also wished to lay the light-colored wood ground boards individually towards the light. Here is the view that you men are used to and see a great deal on my blog and on Instagram.

Karndean Artwork Choose Glacier Oak

Comparison Summary

I feel that if you would like something actually mild then pick the Ivory Covered Oak (yellow undertones)

if you’ll need a mild vinyl plank but a tad bit warmer with a touch of pinker sounds then choose Vanilla Oak

if you’ll need a vinyl plank on the light part that is really rustic, choose Gem Oak which has a lot of troubles and veining

if you’ll need a mild vinyl plank with more shade variations from gray sounds to hot wood sounds then pick the Texas White Ash like I did

Glacier Oak is comparable to the Texas White Ash but is principally with gray undertones if you’d choose that

I am hoping this can solution a few of the standard common issues I get about our ground color. I’m pleased with the color I chose for the major floor.