The Health Benefits of Iceland’s Great Outdoors: Why You Need to Experience It for Yourself

‍As someone who has spent time in Iceland’s great outdoors, I can attest to the numerous health benefits that come with immersing oneself in nature. From the unique features of Iceland’s landscapes to the impact on mental health, there are many reasons why you should consider adding Iceland’s great outdoors to your travel bucket list. …

Neopets, A Digital Pets Site With 25M Users Owned By JumpStart Games, Got Its 40% Users Back Since March (Madeleine Morley/New York Times)

Neopets, a digital pets site with more than 25M users has seen 40% of its users coming back since March 2020. The owner, JumpStart Games says that it is expecting more users to keep coming back. Full story here. (Madeleine Morley/New York Times)