hermes garden party

Hermès Garden Party Details: The Design, Sizes, and Prices

How cool is it to go shopping with a Hermes bag? Make your dreams come true with the Hermès Garden Party, their ultimate tote bag. Hermès Garden Party was introduced in 1964, and it is one of the most popular Hermes handbags beside Kelly, Constance, and Birkin. Admired for its impeccable craftsmanship, simplicity, and relatively …

garden warrior

To Be a Warrior In the Garden Is Better Than to be a Gardener In a War, Here’s Why!

There is a famous Chinese quote you may have heard. It says, “To be a warrior in the garden is better than to be a gardener in a war.” Although we probably heard this quote many times before, do we really know the meaning lies behind it? In this post, I will explain the meaning …