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How to Ensure Good Indoor Air Quality For Your Home?

When you are looking to improve the indoor air quality of your home, you will need to consider several factors. These include carpets, household products and sources of dust and dander. In addition, you will need to ensure adequate ventilation. Source Control A well-designed source control system is the most effective way to ensure the …

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Neopets, A Digital Pets Site With 25M Users Owned By JumpStart Games, Got Its 40% Users Back Since March (Madeleine Morley/New York Times)

Neopets, a digital pets site with more than 25M users has seen 40% of its users coming back since March 2020. The owner, JumpStart Games says that it is expecting more users to keep coming back. Full story here. (Madeleine Morley/New York Times)

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DNA Testing Company 23andMe Raises $82.5M Series F Led By NewView Capital (Kristen V Brown/Bloomberg)

23andMe, a DNA testing company, raises $82.5 M Series F. This move was led by NewView Capital and Sequoia Capital after the company laid off about 14% of its workforce at the beginning of the year. Read the full news here. (Kristen V Brown/Bloomberg)

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The Value of Industrial Filtration in the Manufacturing Industry

Industrial filtration is a vital aspect of the manufacturing industry. It is essential to keeping your equipment clean and reducing maintenance costs. There are many different types of filtration, including liquid and Activated carbon. These are discussed in this article. Liquid filtration Liquid filtration involves the removal of solids and contaminants from a fluid stream. …