What Are The Pros And Cons Of Open Shelving The Kitchen?
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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Open Shelving The Kitchen?

Having trouble making your kitchen work ? Would you like additional storage? This is the time to claim what is rightfully yours. But if you’re having trouble with your current arrangement or you just want to get creative, the answer may be found by looking at your walls. We’ll be discussing open shelving today, and even though it’s been popular for a while, it doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. 

Open shelving can be the next big thing in remodeling since design is gradually moving toward innovative solutions. And given that kitchens are now much more than just locations for your newest culinary inventions, this easy makeover can let you show off your individual style while opening up new possibilities for storage and organization.

However, how can you achieve that incredibly difficult balance between organization and display? Together, we will examine this new territory, its advantages and disadvantages, and offer you practical start-to-finish solutions. 

You may be wondering what open shelving can do for your next project, as with any design decision. 

Visual opportunities: 

The show is about to begin. It’s time to retrieve those cookware pieces you don’t use very often from the back of your cabinets. As it offers functionality in their increased accessibility, the decision to place these items in the open is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly functional. You can create works of art out of everyday essentials like dishes and glassware by arranging various cookware. 

More space: 

The ability of open shelving to give this living area a feeling of spaciousness is one of its main advantages. The outcome will be a larger-looking, cozier kitchen. Furthermore, the room feels airy because there are no cabinets. 

Improved workflow: 

Everyone has had the experience of reaching into a dark cabinet and rummaging through items while creating enough noise to breach the sound barrier. Open shelving, however, eliminates the need to look for that elusive pot lid. On the other hand, everything is clear and reachable. 

Even though open shelving has a lot of advantages for your upcoming renovation, you might be wondering if there are any drawbacks. These are a few for you to think about. 


Open shelving might not be for you if regular maintenance is impossible for you as a homeowner because you’re always on the go. Dishes and kitchenware exposed to dust and cooking residue should be stored indoors. Maintaining a spotless appearance requires frequent cleaning and upkeep. 


Open shelving tends to be more suited for the tidy person. Since open shelving lacks the security of cabinets, which allow you to conceal everything behind closed doors, it necessitates extreme organization. Cluttered shelves can take away from their visual appeal and give the impression that they are disorganized. 

Limited privacy: 

The main idea behind open shelving is to place things on display. As you’re essentially putting your own sense of style on display, you may even argue that it’s for the extroverted homeowner. It makes sense that this might not be suitable for everyone. 

When remodeling a space, open shelving can be a terrific addition. It not only provides functionality, but it also lets you display things that you might normally keep hidden. When done correctly, you can preserve accessibility and efficiency while creating a personal style haven in your kitchen. However, it might not be suitable for everyone, particularly for busy homeowners who might find it difficult to maintain organization and upkeep. If you’re willing to take a chance, you can master the technique of open shelving and design a visually stunning yet functional space. Want to design or redesign your kitchen with open shelves, click here

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