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Step by Step Guide to Finding Expired Listing Leads

You can find expired listing leads in various ways, depending on the time and effort you are willing to spend. Free methods include scanning listing sites and networking. Finding expired listing leads can be tricky, but it’s possible to turn them into sales by following some proven methods. You must first be smart in locating leads for expired listings if you want to convert them into active listing opportunities. These leads can be found using various time- and money-efficient approaches. You can find leads naturally by searching online directories and networking or paying for them by ordering them from lead generation services. These methods include automating emails, texts, and direct mailers with software. The software uses artificial intelligence to give you insight into each contact and allows you to nurture them to become customers. Here are three methods for obtaining leads from expired listings:

Software to Use

Using software to find real estate expired listing leads – Espresso Agent can help you reach out to these leads and close the sale. However, these leads aren’t the same as other types of leads and must be treated with empathy. For this reason, it’s important to develop a script that will connect with them and offer them a solution to their problem.

Some of these programs include a phone number search, allowing you to find leads based on the information you have about the property. You can customize your searches and input your leads to keep track of your follow-up tasks. Many of these programs also include contact information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and address data, so that you can get in touch with expired listings.

Expired listing leads are excellent sources of leads for real estate agents. These leads are properties on the market but did not sell. Agents can contact these leads directly or through lead nurturing campaigns. Listed properties can also make great secondary markets. Whether you advertise or sell them, expired listings are a great source of leads.

Real estate agents often relist properties after they have expired, and these properties can be a great source of additional revenue. While these listings can be difficult to obtain, developing a strong marketing plan and targeting the right property owners can increase your chances of selling these properties. real estate expired listing leads – Espresso Agent

Scripts to Use on a Phone Call

Using scripts on a phone call to find expired listing prospects is a great way to improve your phone skills. They will help you start a conversation with the listing owner, offer your services, and create a relationship. In addition, they keep the seller’s mindset in mind. They may feel stressed and frustrated, and anxious to sell their home.

Scripts to use on a phone conversation in finding expired listing leads are essential to ensuring a successful sales call. An expired listing script should include a short introduction, a discussion about the property, why it did not sell, and a presentation of your marketing strategy. Be sure to keep your script long enough to cover all of the key points. Then, during the phone call, be prepared to answer any objections and close the deal.

A database such as the Multiple Listing Service will allow you to find expired listings. These listings are listed in the MLS, and you can find the contact information for the owner through the MLS. Several services allow you to do this; it is always best to test a few different methods to see which works best for you.

The key to success with expired listing leads is to position yourself as an expert in their neighborhood. Many of these homeowners have been working with an agent recently and have a lot of expectations. Using scripts to position yourself as a neighborhood expert will help you position yourself as an expert in their community.

Letters to Send to Potential Sellers

An expired listing letter can be very helpful in re-engaging potential sellers in your market. Make sure the letter is tailored to your local market and gives the lead many options. The letterhead and signature blocks are pre-populated with a sample of pre-written copy, which you should change to include any pertinent information.

Expired listings have been on the market for a long time, sometimes 60 days or more. However, they are now disappearing from MLS and real estate websites, so the time has come to convince them to sell again with you. An expired listing letter is a classic urgency close that can help your client feel a sense of urgency about relisting their property.

The letter can be as short as one page. It can include emotion and a preview of your marketing plan. It can also include hard numbers about how you will market your listing. Finally, the letter should end with a call to action. Depending on your voice and personality, you may want to choose a CTA that is personal to you.

Whether you’re targeting FSBOs or expired listing leads, a letter can be effective if tailored to your business’s unique needs. Remember to modify the script to fit your personality, style, and tone to make it more effective.

When using email campaigns to generate expired listing leads, there are a few things to remember. First, make sure the mailer is eye-catching and appealing. A bland-looking mailer is likely to be ignored. People don’t want to read something that doesn’t interest them. So, make sure to tailor your mailer to appeal to the homeowner. This way, you can increase the chances of them becoming future leads.

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