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Features of a Modern Bathroom Vanity

If you’re considering upgrading your bathroom with a new vanity, you’ll want to consider the unique features of this design. These features include a handless design, stainless steel material, a pedestal design, and even radiant heating. These features will help you make the right decision for your home.

Handless Design

Handless designs have recently been gaining popularity in the bathroom due to the growing demand for modern looks and contemporary styles. They also allow for a streamlined, clutter-free look. 

Traditional bathroom vanities Brookfield, WI, are wood and often have raised or recessed panels. The handles are usually metal, so they match the bathroom’s rest. Handless designs are more sleek and modern and often feature almost invisible handles. They may also have automated lights, which make applying makeup easier at night.

Stainless Steel Material

Consider incorporating stainless steel into your new vanity if you’re looking for a stylish and affordable way to update your bathroom. This modern material is not only durable, but it looks beautiful as well. Stainless steel perfectly combines classic and modern and complements industrial settings beautifully. 

Another advantage of stainless steel is its waterproofness. This means that your vanity will be protected against stains, scratches, and even mildew. Since stainless steel is naturally resistant to heat and water, it is often used for kitchen appliances. However, it would help if you remembered that stainless steel does show fingerprints, watermarks, and smudges, so you’ll want to maintain it as cleanly as possible.

Pedestal Design

A pedestal sink complements the modern, minimalist design of a bathroom. A pedestal sink can be mounted on a wall or freestanding. A pedestal sink can be found in a variety of colors and styles. Some models have integrated storage and a towel rack. They are great for small bathrooms and powder rooms.

A pedestal sink can be made of glass or metal. A stainless steel pedestal is a stylish option for a contemporary bathroom. This type of pedestal sink features a glass vessel bowl that is supported by a sturdy steel pedestal. In addition to the vessel bowl, the pedestal sink may include a towel rack and faucet. Some pedestal sinks feature decorative scalloped vessel edges and elegantly tapered bases. A pedestal sink will leave enough room for a small mirror, a toiletry cabinet, and other accessories.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is a great way to keep your bathroom warm without too much floor space. Radiant heating is more energy-efficient than baseboard heating and is less likely to cause allergic reactions. It’s also great to keep the whole family comfortable and warm. It’s easy to install and can make any bathroom look beautiful.

Floating vanities are a great option to use with radiant-heating flooring. Many contractors require this type of vanity, and it puts your tilework on display. The advantage of floating vanities is that you can choose the height you want.


Modern bathroom vanity units serve a variety of purposes. They offer important storage, mount a sink, and anchor a bathroom’s design. Modern vanity units are available in many styles and materials. Designers have gone beyond the usual white or wood bathroom vanity to create unique, bespoke pieces. From dark wood to sleek, modern designs, you’re sure to find one to fit into your bathroom decor.

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