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What Are Impact Resistant Windows?

If you’re considering purchasing new windows for your home, you’ve probably heard of impact-resistant ones. They’re a type of laminated glass window that offers impact and wind resistance and protects your home from burglars. They also can qualify you for insurance discounts.  You can also learn more about the impact-resistant windows west palm beach if you’re interested.

Impact-resistant windows are made with laminated glass.

The first thing to know about impact-resistant windows is that they are constructed with special glass designed to be stronger than standard non-impact glass. Impact-rated glass is made by laminating a 0.090-inch plastic interlayer between two sheets of ordinary glass. The glass is made of polyvinyl butyral or SentryGlas Plus, which meets impact standards like those used by Miami-Dade County.

Impact-resistant windows and doors are designed to resist the forces exerted by heavy objects like flying debris, falling trees, and sleet. Impact-resistant glass can withstand these forces and significantly dampen sound. This is especially useful in homes located near busy highways and airports. They may not be as effective in preventing wind and hail damage, but they can protect your home and your family from the dangers of hurricanes.

They offer wind and impact resistance.

When buying impact-resistant windows and doors, look for those with steel, aluminum, or vinyl frames. These are stronger and can resist warping and accumulation of rust. In addition to the steel or aluminum frames, impact-resistant windows have other components that make them better choices than ordinary windows. You should also check the installation and certification process before you make your final decision. While many windows are impact-resistant, some do not. Therefore, you should always choose a certified installation company for your windows and doors to protect yourself.

Hurricane impact windows are designed to resist flying debris during hurricanes. They protect commercial buildings and homes from wind infiltration. Wind-borne debris can cause structural damage and create internal pressure. Impact-resistant windows and doors must pass wind-borne trash and hurricane codes. The laminated glass in these windows and doors adds protection around the clock. Impact-resistant windows can deter would-be intruders as well.

They protect your home from burglars.

Many doomsday preppers believe it is not ‘if’ they will face a break-in but ‘when.’ Impact-resistant windows are built to withstand a significant impact. The windows are made from more than one layer of glass. They are held together with a bonding resin, making them less likely to shatter when hit by an object. This means that even if the windows are broken, the glass in the window will remain intact.

Usually, burglars break into homes through a broken window and ransack the master bedroom in as little as ten minutes. They then search other rooms for valuables or cash. Using impact-resistant windows can prevent this scenario and give you peace of mind knowing your home is protected. However, if your home is not equipped with impact-resistant windows, a burglar may break into a neighborly dispute and get into your house.

They can help you qualify for insurance discounts.

Investing in impact-resistant windows and doors can lead to insurance discounts. Homeowners can save up to 35% on home insurance and up to 40% on cooling costs. You can speak to your insurance agent for exact savings. Combined, the energy savings and insurance discounts can add up to thousands of dollars a year. In addition, these windows and doors can improve the resale value of your home.

Hurricanes and other disasters are the most common cause of damage to older homes, but newer homes often meet coastal building codes. You can avoid structural damage by installing impact-resistant windows and doors and save thousands of dollars in insurance premiums. In addition to saving you money on insurance, installing impact-resistant windows can lower your anxiety about hurricane season. Insurance premiums in coastal states have skyrocketed in recent years. Consider installing impact-resistant windows and doors if you plan on making home improvements. Your insurance company will reward you with a substantial discount for protecting your home.

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