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How a Deck Can Add Value to Your Home

A deck can add value to your home and bring in more money if you decide to sell your home. It requires fewer building costs than adding a new room to your home. It also improves the flow of family and guests between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Multi-level Decks

Multi-level decks can provide great functionality and beauty to your property. They allow you to add multiple levels to the recreation space, providing a variety of seating areas, an entertaining area, and a hot tub. A multi-level deck can also be designed to allow for nighttime entertaining.

The most obvious benefit of a multi-level deck installation Rocklin CA is its visual appeal. Most people expect a traditional single-level style when they look at home. Not only does this type of deck add visual interest to your property, but it also allows for better views of the outdoors.

If you’re considering selling your property, a multi-level deck is a great way to maximize the value of your property. Multi-level decks provide twice the space of traditional decks, and can be used for entertaining, cooking, and relaxing. They also help increase the value of your property and improve its curb appeal.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a great way to improve the beauty and value of your property. It can last up to 20 years without staining or fading, making it a good investment for your home. It is the best choice for homes where you want to add outdoor living space to your property.

Composite decks come in various colors and designs and require low maintenance. You can even customize them for your particular needs if you know which company to contact like FSBD. They are also available in a wide variety of styles, which means that you can have your deck built to suit your taste and the style of your home.

Composite decking is becoming popular in the real estate industry. It is easy to maintain and is resistant to extreme weather conditions. It requires little maintenance other than periodic wiping with water. The material is made from recycled materials and mimics the look and feel of wood.

Local Codes

If you’re looking to add a deck to your home, you need to consider the local codes that apply to it. These codes are designed to protect homeowners and the landscape from harm. Working with a local contractor is also essential to ensure that your deck meets all local codes and regulations.

The first step in the process is ensuring your contractor is licensed. A licensed contractor will always have permits and cut corners. If you cannot find a licensed contractor, you’ll be on your own constructing a quality deck. Unlicensed contractors will ask you to pull permits and will likely not build a high-quality deck.

Privacy Benefits

Enclosing a deck provides a great sense of privacy, as it can prevent passersby from seeing your private space. Depending on your property and needs, you can choose a full-wall style or a partial-wall design. In both cases, you can choose the height and material of the deck wall. Plants can also help provide privacy by adding moisture to the air and cooling the space. Trim shrubs and vines make excellent privacy walls, as do herbs and vegetables.

Deck privacy can be enhanced by adding glass walls to your deck. As with the privacy railing, Pergolas can be installed on concrete patios and decks. Pergolas are also a great option for decks on second stories, as they block the view of the deck.

Return On Investment

A deck can improve the value of a property, but the return on investment can be lower than you might think. According to Remodeling magazine, the average return on investment in home improvements is less than 70 percent. For example, a composite deck costs $36,385 to install but only recoups $21,437 for an ROI of 58.9%. In contrast, a steel entry-door replacement costs $1,230 but yields a 101.8% ROI or $9,751 more. A deck with these features can add value to the property, and homeowners are willing to pay between seven and eight percent more for it.

A deck can increase the value of a property, and it can also reduce the time it takes to sell a home. A deck can increase a property’s curb appeal, resulting in a quicker sale. If you plan to sell your property in the future, a deck can make the difference between getting the most for your property or not and gaining a decent return on investment.

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