Bridal Bouquets

Different Design Ideas For Bridal Bouquets

Many brides believe that their bouquet is just as significant as their wedding gown when it comes to creating a bridal look to remember. Whatever you choose, the versatility of your wedding flowers cannot be overstated. Depending on your personality, you may select a show-stopping, free-flowing floral arrangement or a more stylish, understated design. There are many bridal bouquets Denver CO design ideas and various styles, from fruity to whimsical and everything in between. There are even some ideas for nature-inspired weddings and outdoor ceremonies. 

Cascade Bouquets

Cascading bridal bouquets may be the answer if you’re going for a simple, understated look. This type of bridal bouquet design is a favorite among brides because it’s easy to pull off. In addition, brides who have tiny waists will look beautiful with a petite bouquet, while taller brides will appreciate the elegance of a cascading bridal bouquet.

Lisianthus Blooms

Lisianthus, the official name of the plant, has many uses in wedding bouquet designs. Lisianthus is also known as Eustoma, which derives from the Latin name of Eustoma russellianum grandiflorum. Lisianthus means bitter in Greek, but it also means “good mouth” in Latin. Because of its bitter flavor, Lisianthus is often used to symbolize gratitude, charisma, and appreciation.

Sweet Peas

A classic white sweet pea bouquet is both romantic and elegant. A simple bouquet of white sweet peas tied with gold satin ribbon is chic and elegant. A bridal bouquet of white sweet peas tied with gold ribbon echoes the classic sweetness of these blooms.

Eucalyptus Blooms

When it comes to wedding flowers, eucalyptus is an excellent choice, as it offers an affordable alternative to many flower types. Eucalyptus is also versatile, adding texture and dimension to bouquets. In addition, these leaves work well with soft pastel colors and romantic blooms and are cheaper to purchase than traditional flower arrangements. 

Fruity Wedding Bouquets

Choosing fruit bouquets is a unique way to add drama and style to your bouquet. The contrasting fruit colors on a vine add depth to the smell and make it easier to tie. The fruits will also add height and width to the scent. Tiny blueberries, for example, can contrast perfectly with large flowers for an elegant and romantic look. Blueberries are versatile and can be placed anywhere in your bouquet to suit your theme.


Using feathers in a bridal bouquet is a unique way to express your personality. Whether you are a bride with a boho, rustic, or vintage wedding theme, feathers are sure to add a splash of color to your wedding day. In addition, a feather bouquet’s soft, ethereal look is sure to make any bride swoon. You can even try a feather arrangement if you are a DIY bride.

Biedermeier Floral Design

Known for its unique and artistic look, a bridal bouquet in the Biedermeier style features circles of flowers arranged in concentric circles. The bouquet can be made in any size and feature various types of flowers, all with a uniform look. Often wrapped in a fabric, this style is perfect for a unique artistic wedding. While you may not have time to design the bouquet yourself, you can enlist the help of a florist.

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