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Hermès Garden Party Details: The Design, Sizes, and Prices

How cool is it to go shopping with a Hermes bag? Make your dreams come true with the Hermès Garden Party, their ultimate tote bag. Hermès Garden Party was introduced in 1964, and it is one of the most popular Hermes handbags beside Kelly, Constance, and Birkin. Admired for its impeccable craftsmanship, simplicity, and relatively affordable price, Hermès Garden Party is a top choice among first-time Hermès handbag users and Hermes’ existing customers who look for a practical everyday handbag. Read below for more information on Hermès Garden Party.

Hermes Garden Party Tote Bag Design

What makes Hermes Garden Party Tote Bag appealing is its simplicity. There is no clear logo on the bag so the only way to identify this bag is from Hermes is by looking carefully at the engraving on its Clou de Selle snap closure. The snap closure is not only one of the most notable features of the Garden Party tote, but it is also one of the tote bag’s biggest advantages. Thanks to the snap closure, the capacity of the handbag is not limited to its dimensions, so you can also transport larger items as needed.

In addition, the “Clou de Selle” snap closure also connects the sides of the Hermès Garden Party tote. It gives the tote bag a very nice structured look when fastened. And it creates a lot of extra interior spaces when unfastened, which benefits you when you need to carry a lot of stuff in your bag.

Now let’s talk about the interior of this tote bag. The Hermès Garden Party tote bag’s interior includes one main compartment with an open style. In addition, you can find a zippered pocket in the interior of the leather versions. The handbag also comes with a canvas-lined interior that you can’t find on other Hermes handbags. Although this canvas-lined interior is not as luxurious as the leather-lined one, it has its own benefits. The canvas-lined interior makes this handbag so much lighter. It also adds practicality and affordability to the bag. If this tote bag had come with a leather interior, it would have been so much more expensive!

The Garden Party comes with a minimalist and simple design that is perfect for those who don’t really like to show off the Hermès too much. But the simplicity also makes it possible for you to put some accessories on it, for example, the Hermes charms or twilly scarves. That is one of the Hermès Garden Party’s benefits. Even if the design is very simple, the addition of some accessories would make it look totally different.

The Hermès Garden Party is specifically designed to maximize the handbag’s functionality and practicality. You can carry this tote bag by hand or around your arm. The larger sizes of this handbag can also be carried over your shoulders. The only drawback of the bag is the lack of the bag feet on the bottom. While it’s not a big deal for me, it’s always an advantage when your bags have feet, as they protect the bottom from damage.

Why you should buy a Hermes Garden Party Tote

Why should we go for the Hermès Garden Party for a basic tote bag when you have a lot of cheaper options? This is actually a valid point for you to consider, but could you mention any other brands that have the same quality of craftsmanship as Hermes? All handbags from Hermes are made by one artisan from start to finish. This kind of craftsmanship is rarely seen in other brands, and that is the main reason Hermès handbags are so desirable. The handbags are created to last.

Other reasons why you should buy the Hermès Garden Party Tote:

  • Affordable compared to other types of Hermès handbags
  • Has an expandable interior
  • It’s easy to dress it up with accessories
  • It has a functional design

Hermes Garden Party Materials

Hermès Garden Party tote bags are available in two different versions: full leather and canvas version with leather trim. The leather that is commonly used on the Garden Party handbag is called Negonda.

The Negonda leather comes in large grains with a matte finish and it’s specifically developed for the Hermès Garden Party tote bags. It’s also highly durable and water-resistant. Negonda leather is perfect to use as a tote bag material.

The Hermès Garden Party tote bags also use Epsom and Country leathers. Country leather is relatively new to the Hermes product line. The leather is processed from female calves and is well known for its large grain, firmness, and durability.

The Hermes Garden Party’s canvas style comes with a canvas body with contrasting leather handles and trims. The Garden Party tote bag features three types of canvas: officer, twill, and military. Both leather and canvas versions of Hermes Garden Party Tote bags have canvas interiors.

Hermes Garden Party Tote Sizes

Aside from having two different styles, the Hermes Garden Party handbags are also available in three different sizes. The smallest size is the Garden Party 30, also called Small, which is perfect for everyday wear. With a length of 30 cm, a height of 21 cm, and a depth of 13 cm (11.8 “x 8.3” x 5.1 “), it is ideal for carrying all your daily necessities such as smartphones, card cases, sunglasses, agendas,  and small makeup pouches.

The second size of the Garden Party tote bags, Garden Party 36, also called Medium size, is suitable for running errands, work, or travel. With 36 cm long, 26 cm high, and 17 cm deep (14.2 “x 10.2” x 6.7 “), this bag is perfect for carrying everything from laptops to small everyday items.

The Large size, also known as Garden Party 49, is more like a heavy-duty bag and it’s usually offered in canvas style. With its 49 cm long, 36 cm high, and 25 cm deep (19.3 “x 14.2” x 10 “), the Garden Party 49 is perfect for travel, and to be used as a weekend bag.

The three sizes of Hermès Garden Party tote bags are:

Hermès Garden Party StyleSize in inchesSize in cm
Garden Party 3011.8” x 8.3” x 5.1”30cm x 21cm x 13cm
Garden Party 3614.2” x 10.2” x 6.7”36cm x 26cm x 17cm
Garden Party 49 Voyage19.3” x 14.2” x 10”49cm x 36cm x 25cm

It is important to note that Hermès initially created the Garden party tote bags in smaller and larger sizes than the sizes that are currently available, but these two sizes have been discontinued. I can list a few of the discontinued sizes. For example, it looks like Hermes doesn’t make the Garden Party 39 anymore although the product was initially available. Also, I couldn’t find the Garden Party 50 in boutiques anymore, so I think this size was also discontinued. But if you’re looking for these discontinued sizes, don’t lose hope. In the past, Hermes brought back some of its discontinued sizes, so maybe the Garden Party 39 and 50 will also be available in stores again someday. 

Hermès Garden Party Tote Prices

If you consider buying the Hermès Garden Party tote bag, here are the updated prices:

Hermès Garden Party StylePrice (USD)
Canvas Garden Party 30$2,200
Canvas Garden Party 36$2,450
Negonda Calfskin Garden Party 30$3,550
Negonda Calfskin Garden Party 36$3,750
Garden Party 49 Voyage Bag (Canvas and Negonda Calfskin)$4,375

*retail prices as of August 2021, taxes are not included.

You can see that Hermès Garden Party Tote’s prices mostly depend on the material used. The canvas versions are more affordable, while the leather versions are definitely more expensive. The current price of the Negonda calfskin version Garden Party 30 is about $3,550 in the U.S., while the twill canvas version with Negonda leather trim of the same size is priced at $2,200. The price gap between the two versions is highly significant. You could save $1,350 if you choose the canvas over the leather version. The price gap between the canvas and leather version of the Garden Party 36 is also impressive. The canvas style will cost you $2,450 while the leather version’s price is $3,750. It’s more than a $1,000 price difference. 


The Hermès Garden Party tote bag, which starts at just over $2,000, is a perfect entry-level Hermès. The tote bag is one of the kinds of handbags that will be used constantly. So buying this tote bag is definitely worth it.

Even the leather version of the tote bags has a reasonable price in my opinion. If we compare the Garden Party 36 with the Birkin 35, it is definitely so much more affordable. In fact, the leather version of the Garden Party is basically one-third the price of a  Birkin 35 that is currently priced at $ 12,200. In the Hermès Garden Party, you’d find the same iconic Hermès craftsmanship for an affordable price.

*Disclaimer: Prices listed above are for informational purposes only. The actual prices may vary in every boutique.

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