Important Components For Wardrobe Solutions

One of the most stunning pieces of furniture that a room can embrace is the wardrobe. A piece that is based on both form and function, wardrobes can extend a small space into something larger — or become a statement piece of elevated design and style. However, wardrobes are more than just mere space savers and eye candy. These pieces of furniture have historical significance.

When the concept of architectural design was first conceived, people built homes based on what they needed. In many cases, traditional closet space was not very high on the list of necessities. Yet, people still needed space to store important items, such as clothing and valuables. This brought forth the building of wardrobes.

Centuries later, wardrobes are still a coveted, necessary, and popular piece of furniture — almost as important as a bed. Fortunately, modern design gives people more stylish and viable options when choosing a wardrobe. Here are some of the top components to think about when finding the best wardrobe options.


Whether you’re looking for a more avant-garde or classic style, companies such as Garderobegutten are on the leading edge of form and function. These wardrobe options extend to both small and big spaces. Choose expandable wardrobes as your needs increase, or opt to keep them compact and practical. 

The company also provides wardrobe options that are great for laundry rooms and any other space that could be served well by a beautiful, yet functional, organized closet area. You can also choose to accessorize your wardrobe space with the various options that Garderobegutten provides. Visit website to learn more about their products.


As far as style, wardrobe options come in many forms. There are traditional styles, which are typically made of wood. In earlier days, most furniture was built with wood materials because that was what was most available. This is particularly true of the Scandanavian region, as hardwood is extremely prevalent. Brands such as Pamono are great examples of this.

Of course, you could always choose more modern wardrobe styles that use other types of materials, such as wood plastic composites or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). These materials tend to be lighter, allowing wardrobes to be more portable than standard hardwood types. However, keep in mind that there are also many modern styles made with wooden materials and that hardwood is eco-friendly and sustainable.


Wardrobe design is possibly the most creative component of these well-loved furniture pieces. If a designer can produce the concept, then it becomes a wonderful option for an interested consumer. Here are a few varieties of the most popular wardrobe designs.

Walk-In Wardrobe Closets

For those that have the allotted space and can appreciate a more immersive wardrobe experience, walk-ins are a nice design option that affords a lot of style and function.

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes are great modern designs that take a fixed space and give it an appealing frontal appearance. Sliding door wardrobes are practical for small spaces because they don’t take up unnecessary space. You may want to check out a company called Langlo if you prefer this type of design.

Standalone Wardrobe

Standalone wardrobes have been around for a long time and can be seen as traditional. However, this freestanding furniture is available in many modern styles, too. These are great wardrobe options to consider if you move around often, but still want a portable wardrobe to travel with you.

Swinging Door Wardbrobes

Wardrobes with swing-open doors are exactly what they sound like. Hinged doors hang on the front of these wardrobes, opening up and closing shut like any other door. These designs are nice options for fixed spaces that have an ample amount of room for the doors to fully open.

In the world of wardrobe furniture and design, there are plenty of available options. So, whatever variety, style, or design you prefer, there is a perfect wardrobe option for you!

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